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Hi!  Welcome to "The Hart of It" !

On "The Hart of It," Dr. Linda Hart interviews experts in the fields of nutrition, alternative methods of healing, and relationships. 

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IF YOU ARE NEW TO iTUNES AND WANT TO DOWNLOAD A PODCAST:  You can listen to my shows right here on my website, but the "iTunes Programs" page enables you to download the shows onto iPods and MP3 players, and to subscribe to my whole series of interviews, as they become available, for free.

Nine shows are currently available on the "Listen Now" page.  There are 21 more that will be added in the coming months.  As each show is added, I will add a link on this website, but if you subscribe on iTunes new shows will be downloaded to your computer automatically, so that they can be downloaded onto your iPod or mp3 players.

I hope you'll enjoy my shows and share them with others.

Linda Hart